Last Year


CIO 2015 1Pilot year of the expert conference CIO Agenda, which was held on October 7th in Prague, was successful. It has fit perfectly to the needs of CIO and CTO managers, it is testified not just by a very positive feedback at the event monitoring participants' satisfaction but mainly by the fact the questionnaire regarding satisfaction rate has been filled by 50 % of them. This is a record share of questionnaires return in the history of Blue Events conferences. It testifies about great engagement and interest of participants and can also be taken as a confirmation that IT managers in the Czech Republic were missing this type of event.

CIO 2015 2High satisfaction is connected primarily to information asset, which was rated exceptionally well. The best "school grade" - rounded to one – was given to five speakers. The best evaluation was given to Petr Beneš (CIO Česká spořitelna) with an average grade of 1.26. Very similar grade was given to, Jan Hanuš (CEO Kostelecké uzeniny) and Jan Doležal (Director of PM Consulting). Organizers were especially pleased with the numerous positive comments of participants to these speakers, for example: "drive, energy, precision and realism", "a great speaker with an inspiring and visionary presentation" or "I'm personally very happy both with the selection of speakers and the topics."

CIO 2015 3Based on the feedback to the first year organizers come to believe that the CIO Agenda as a new communication and information platform for CIOs has deep meaning and it is justified to continue with it in the coming years.

We are looking forward next edition of the conference to follow with the opinions of renowned CIOs and their contribution to the success of the company's business, solving issues related to effective communication of IT team inside and out, and the great possibility of informal networking with interesting peers.